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rubyrough - "Realtime" - out March4, 2011Sisterkingkong - She Sees Wolves (VS-i-0014)
Album CD / release: April 20, 2012

„She Sees Wolves“ by Dortmund band Sisterkingkong will be released on April 20th, 2012. The songs were recorded live at Blubox Studio/Troisdorf and have been produced, mixed and mastered by Guido Lucas (Genepool, Ken, Scumbucket).
The album stands out due to its warmth and intensity. Traditional country and folk instrumentation is supplemented by Glockenspiel, violin, Rhodes and Theremin, which fit in delightfully and unobtrusively.
Sisterkingkong are frequently being compared to Pavement, Yo La Tengo, The Shins, Band Of Horses or Lou Reed by their supporters. While the band acknowledges the compliment, it is of secondary importance since the musicians around Dirk Geisler, deeply rooted in Dortmund`s waterfront, have long developed their own distinctive sound.
Geisler is in charge of lyric composition; his texts reflect life`s ups and downs in a myriad of facets, but rarely entail hopelessness. One of his songs serves as a summary of virtually classical, bittersweet notions: “The Glory Is Lost”, asserts Dirk with monotony reminiscent of Robert Allen Zimmerman at his saddest moments. Underneath the hi-hat rattles with a shaky beat as the accompanying slide guitar provides the listener with rainbows of sound experience.
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rubyrough - "Realtime" - out March4, 2011Monocular - Pine Trees (VS-i-0013)
Album CD / release: June 8, 2012

Most of the tracks for the second album “Pine Trees” were conceived of in the South of Sweden, in a village of 20 houses between Lund and Ystad. Henning Mankell’s “Wallander” mystery novels are also set in this rural area, where crystal clear light falls from the sky and the air always tastes slightly salty. Singer Nic Koray and her husband, guitarist and keyboarder Jan Koray, spend many months each year here in their country house.
It’s an escape from the dull haze of Dortmund, Germany, where the ruins of the industrial age are crumbling wearily. There the dream of a better, freer life inevitably collides with reality. In the rural atmosphere of Southern Sweden, however, the couple writes songs with melody lines that oscillate between electro influences and potential pop hits. When the tracks are arranged together with bassist David Senf and drummer Sven Kosakowski, they also develop an overwhelming, rocking splendour: balancing between very soft passages, where every detail counts, and a dramatic guitar-driven wall of sound. The critics call this shoegaze and discover a kinship to acts like Blonde Redhead. Unjustly so, because Monocular really are unique and just sound like themselves.
“Pine Trees” is dedicated to late writer Yaman Koray. Nic had visited her father, who lived on a sailing boat in Turkey, often before his death. The album therefore starts with the title track and its affectionate lyrics: “How I wish to travel back in time | when you were still alive”. But the singer’s grief turns into the knowledge that everything that was will always stay – in memory. A deep longing and a great loss is expressed here, but even so the song has something consoling about it.
But it is not just this extraordinary voice that makes Monocular special. It is also Jan’s exquisite compositions and the refined interaction of the band. “This Is Real” is driven by a complex breakbeat, around which acoustic guitars dance to cold electronic sounds. The vocals levitate like a relaxed taiji cloud over the nervous rhythms. Hectic rush and calmness cancel each other out – the perfect balance. The video to the song combines images of natural disasters with a surreal apocalyptic mood – Do we really want to continue waiting until it is too late?Soup Pressefoto, Printauflösung
Like on the debut, Jan wrote all of the music and the lyrics were contributed by Nic, who obviously inherited her father’s talent. The album, which sounds outstanding for an independent prodution, was recorded in Jan’s 47 Recording Studio in Dortmund. The mastering was done by Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab in California.
Between Sweden and Dortmund the quartet produced an album in “Pine Trees” that you do not hear every day: It is sensuous, powerful and smart.
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rubyrough - "Realtime" - out March4, 2011rubyrough - Nails (VS-i-0012)
Download Track/ release: June 14, 2011
How does an electronic band play an unplugged set? Batteries.
To celebrate the June kick-off viersieben Records is offering the live and "unplugged" version of their new song.
NAILS: Horst on iPad, Stephanie on acoustic guitar and vocals.
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rubyrough - "Realtime" - out March4, 2011soup - children of e.l.b. (VS-i-0011)
2 CD Set / release: June 17, 2011
“With “children of e.l.b.” soup delivers one of the most monolithic norwegian albums this side of the millennium.” (ABCNews, Norway 6/6)
“The parts that are grand on the album, are even greater live. And I didn’t think that was even possible. Im sooo glad I booked them!” (Torstein Andersen, booking manager at Storåsfestivalen)
If you’d like to hear Pink Floyd and The Postal Service write the soundtrack for Twin Peaks - season three, you really need to take a closer look at this band.
soup is told to be one of Norways best kept secrets, even though they have toured the country and released albums since 2005. The four piece band is higly acclaimed in the norwegian indie scene, with both critics and fans hailing their records and live performances. Peak of carreer: opening the Storås festival with a full choir in 2010, and playing with Snah from Motorpsycho at the Pstereo festival the same year.
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rubyrough - "Realtime" - out March4, 2011rubyrough - Realtime (VS-i-0010)
Album CD / release: March 4, 2011
The upcoming debut album is about the most significant instants: when we meet and fall in love, when we lose ourselves and when we find ourselves again, about losing track of time and living in the moment. All in all the album reflects their opposing polarities: Angels singing like demons, gentle beats that tear your feet out from under you, and electracoustic songs that quietly creep into the recesses of your head and take hold while you're not looking.
- Ruby Red Glasses – self-deception to escape the mundane
- Easier – to be or not to be... responsibly
- Elevator – The beauty of temptation
- Questions – we ask ourselves
- Realtime – of the difficulties of living in the here and now
- Concrete Flowers – the moment of truth in true love
- Ha ha ha – only the illusion counts
- Smooth Predator – the animalistic aspects of love
- Fire & Ice – when love is dangerous
- Circles – today: counterclockwise
- Skeletons – the ghosts that haunt us
- Monster – the moment of revelation
- Outside – tightrope walking- Ruby Red Glasses – self-deception to escape the mundane
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Stuntcat - You look so alien in your bloody tuxedo
Album / release: Feb 11, 2011

This young and uncompromising couple presents a classic and extremely fresh work of indierock, which is never florid or overloaded. With their sound they also hint at their longtime indierock idols, such as Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, The Jesus and Marychain and the Velvet Underground, and they polish it up to the high gloss of the latest avantgarde.
With Stuntcat two exceptional artists break out of the mainstream unity, reminding of the rebellious thoughts and anachronistic sounds they have been admiring since their teenage years. Their debut easily breaks the classic conventions of latest pop culture and is a surprising valuable addition to the sub cultural scene.
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Aerobatics - Fidelity (VS-i-0008)
EP / release: May 14, 2010
This EP is cannot only be seen as an introduction to a new Indie Band born just months ago in September 2009, it is much more: the 6 songs were recorded and mastered in our studios in Dortmund in the first quarter of 2010 (the coldest winter people can remember so far) and we fell so deeply in love with this wonderful new sound that we did not hesitate to get the songs out to the people as soon as possible.


Nic Koray & Band - Traveller (VS-i-0007)
Album CD / release: April 23, 2010
"Every single moment, every tiny bit of life is part of a journey--like it or not--this is, what fascinates me so much. Wherever you go, wherever you hide you ARE part of THE journey, moving forward through space and time, through the countryside, along the edges of your mind, into the corners of your heart, from face to face, from place to place, from highway to hiding places, whatever...
I could go on like this for ages. At any given moment -each and everyone of us is a TRAVELLER. That drives me mad, makes me happy and drives me mad again!"


Tortuga Bar - Narcotic Junkfood Revolution (VS-i-0005)
Album CD / release: June 2009
Almost 3 years of songwriting and organization - it was a long and winding road, but 09 it's definitely time for the "Narcotic Junkfood Revolution". Special guest appearances, such as Evan Dando/The Lemonheads, Phillip Boa, Virginia Jetzt!, Kate Mosh, Peter Brugger/Sportfreunde Stiller, Navel, Nagel/ Muff Potter, David Cunningham, Rummelsnuff, Sedlmeir, Gitbox!, Gisbert Zu Knyphausen - to name only a few - make this release a unique treasure. The album is going to be released in June 09.


Tortuga Bar - Storm EP
online release: June 6, 09
This online EP release is not just an appetizer for the album which follows on June 26 - among the album versions of "Storm" and "Feel the Love" it contains a remix of "Storm", made by labelmates Monocular, the track "Cavallo Pazzo" feat. Werner Kurainksi, former member of Aheads and "Do It Right", a nice version of the Daniel Johnston song performed by Tortuga Bar and Navel.


Monocular - Somewhere On The LineMonocular - Somewhere On The Line (VS-i-0003)
Album CD / release: April 03-2009
"Best debut album in the widened Trip-Hop-Genre since Goldfrapps legendary Felt Mountain" (Zillo 3/09)
Where bands like Lamb or Frou Frou left a gap in the late 90s and early 21st century, Monocular redefined the sound and set new standards in developing their complex music by connecting charismatic vocals with entrancing soundscapes. 14 songs - impressively skilled, deep and full of variety - will be released via VierSieben Records in April 2009. Monocular are definitely one of the most talented German acts of international quality.


Monocular - Somewhere On The LineMonocular - Whater Shape E.P. (VS-i-0004)
Online only / release: March 20-2009
A four-song online E.P. containing "Water Shape", the opener from the forthcoming album "Somewhere On The Line" and three non-album tracks ("Consequence", "To Admire The Life", "Ravenclaw") will be released on March 20.


Incontrol - Tired Of Armageddon Forecasts (VS-i-0002)
EP / online release: June 2008
In Spring 2008 Incontrol entered the Cyclops Killer Studios in Dortmund to record three tracks for a new EP. The three tracks are very conceptional. The lyrics deal with Tom Forensicos disfavor for conspiracy theories.
Facing the band's 5th anniversary the guys decided to celebrate with their fans and to put the EP online for free download. The tracks are still available in excellent sound quality on our downloads page.


Incontrol - On High In Blue Tomorrows (VS-i-0001)
Album CD / release: December 2007
“On High In Blue Tomorrows” is an album that's got something to offer. It rocks in a darker and more aggressive way than its precursor and adds a new facet to the Wall of Sound that is Incontrol. Melodies meet walls of guitars, soft delay sounds hit on hard drums, intricate arrangements get together with straight rock, airy meets earthy.
Not just because of this, the new record sounds quite a bit more noisy, with walls of guitars thicker, darker and heavier than before. Released in December 07, this album has been our very first.