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TORTUGA BAR is the latest project by Mark Kowarsch (formerly of Speed Niggs, Sharon Stoned and Elektrosushi). The band's debut, "Narcotic Junkfood Revolution", took three years and a bunch of top-class guest musicians to produce, and it was released 2009 by VierSieben Records.
1989-1992 – SPEED NIGGS

Mark Kowarsch's music career spans almost 20 years, beginning back in 1989 with indie-rock trio Speed Niggs, consisting of Mark, Jan Beigel and Christopher Uhe. The band's debut album "Boston Beigel Yeah!!" was album of the month in SPEX magazine, whose readers later voted the band Best Newcomer in an end of year poll. Their second, "Another Valley On The Long Decline", features the track "Paint It Sweet" with Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) on vocals, a track which Dando referred to earlier this year as “one of the best tracks I've ever worked on”.
Following the release of their third album, the band split in 1992. During their three years together, the band played shows with era-defining bands including Soundgarden, The Lemonheads, L7, Yo La Tengo, Giant Sand, Maureen Tucker and Soul Asylum.
1992-1997 – SHARON STONED
After the split, Kowarsch and Uhe formed the quirky, lo-fi rock outfit Sharon Stoned.
Following an acclaimed 7” debut on Berlin's "City Slang" Label, the band signed to Sony/Columbia, releasing two albums, "License To Confuse" and "Sample & Hold", which took in special guest contributions from the likes of Evan Dando (the band supported The Lemonheads throughout their 1996 world tour), Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh), Tuesday Weld and members of HP Zinker and The Notwist.

Mark Kowarsch went on to form the indie-pop outfit Elektrosushi together with Vanessa Kowarsch, Christian Hagedorn and William Honda. The band released one, self-titled album, which featured punk legend Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, The Stooges) and Stereo Total. The band are chiefly remembered for 1998's brilliant, surreal, indie-dance cover of Barry White's classic "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love" with Dirk von Lowtzow (Tocotronic), which stormed college radio, particularly across the US, Japan and Australia.
During this period, Mark played drums in the Riot Grrl Band Klitpop and became a member of the "Likely To Be Dropped DJ Team" with Klaus Cornfield & Rocco Clein (R.i.P.). It's then that Mark began to write the first songs for TORTUGA BAR, and three years on, he's champing at the bit to get on the road again.

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