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Tortuga Bar





vocals/keys: Erlend Aastad Viken
drums: Sverre Leraand
bass: Rune Leraand
guitars: Ørjan W Saur


rubyrough - "Realtime" - out March4, 2011soup - children of e.l.b. (VS-i-0011)
2 CD Set / release: June 17, 2011

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Soup has, since January 2005, been a solo project by Trondheim based Erlend Aastad Viken. He had played in the bands Ptarmigan, Melatonin and Psalm before he established his very own musical expression in soup, which by the way is supposed to be written with a small s.

His first songs as soup was recorded as an immediate reaction to the break up with Psalm. During a sleepless two months early 2004 he made the album Give it an empire, which by lack of better –non-pretetious name suggestions- was signed with the artist name Final Concierge. The entire album was recorded with freeware, a cheap computer mic, and an old computer he got from his mom. Even so, it was printed (burned) in an exclusive 40 copies, and was to mark the beginning of Erlend’s musical path.

During 2005 he moved to the Norwegian west coast to start his studies with media and communication, realizing the fact that the place he came to held both people and environments of great inspiration to his music. In Volda he started writing new songs (fortunately on new and better equipment), and by the end of the year he had written several new tunes. His creativeness blossomed, and so did the number of tunes he spat out, to the extent that he realized he had to take things to the next level. Investing his savings in a self financed printing of soup’s debut record Come on pioneers, he finally felt he was on his way. During the three years in Volda Erlend got a record deal with the label How is Annie records, including a second edition of Come on pioneers followed by several terrific media reviews.

After finishing in Volda, Mr. Soup found his way back to old friends and old paths in Trondheim. Feeling it was time to take his music to the live stage, he hooked up with parts of the Klompfotconstellation, finding excellent vibes with drummer Sverre Leraand, bass player Rune Leraand, and guitarist Ørjan W Saur at their old rehearsal room. This pretty much brings us up to date, and gives a promising view for the future of soup, jamming and enjoying new tunes in Trondheim, ready to conquer the world with their electro-rock.

The new album "children of e.l.b." will be released on VierSieben Records on June 17, 2011.
If you’d like to hear Pink Floyd and The Postal Service write the soundtrack for Twin Peaks - season three, you really need to take a closer look at this band.


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