Nic Koray





Tortuga Bar




Dirk Geisler – Vocals, Guitar
Sebastian Gröne – Drums
Julia Reschucha – Keyboards
Simon Schneider – Bass
Peter Schoppa: Guitar



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Sisterkingkong: Embrace of kindness
The air is thin, the sky of infinite vastness - perfect conditions for Sisterkingkong.
Their songs float delightfully unrestrained on a parabolic voyage between cloud nine and the horizon, rendering gravity meaningless.
The tone of this band of five from Dortmund/Germany is elementary, warm and easy: strummed guitars, Glockenspiel, violins and theremin alongside country and folk are the ingredients for the band's own nonchalant Indie sound. It is frequently compared to Pavement, Yo La Tengo, The Shins, Band Of Horses or Lou Reed, but why bother? Notorious `melancholy` does not do it complete justice. While the band is deeply rooted in Dortmund`s waterfront, Dirk Geisler`s lyrics convey sentiments of a strong urge to travel; the music does not simply play along, but relives downfall and resurrection, conceding to the dark side in plain view of cozy mediocrity.
Life`s multicolored and fades to gray at times, but is hardly ever hopeless. Sisterkingkong are aware of this mindset which they condense in a vintage, bittersweet manner: “The Glory Is Lost”, sings Dirk bordering on Bob Dylan monotony at its fullest. Underneath the hi-hat rattles with a shaky beat as the accompanying slide guitar provides the listener with rainbows of sound experience. All is pretty! Or like Sisterkingkong claim: “The Best Is Yet To Come”.
Their album “She Sees Wolves” is to be released on April 20, 2012 via Dortmund label VierSieben Records. Its production emulates a soothing campfire after a long day`s journey since producer and Noise professional Guido Lucas (Genepool, Ken, Scumbucket) contributed his expertise in unfiltered, handcrafted sound on the controls. Upon his advice, which proved a blessing, the band recorded the songs live, thereby enabling its fast-growing concert audience to retrieve the glow whenever they choose – which they will do quite often.