Nic Koray




Tortuga Bar


Tom Forensico - vocals, guitars
Jan Vogedes - lead guitars, vocals
Claas Biedebach - drums
Davis Senf - bass


In spring 2003, four alternative rockers from Dortmund, Germany join to stir up the Ruhr Area music scene. During months of work, the band develops its own style far from conventions that often limit other bands' horizons.

The first album 'Same' was recorded in the winter of 2005 in Chris Goldbach's studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The engineer and guitarist for the Radiobaghdad, who had already breathed life into the songs of bands like Against All Authority, becomes a good friend and achieves to put Incontrol's distinctive sound to tape.
Back in Germany, the band continues to rock the local scene. In May 2007, they embark on a mini-tour through Germany as support for Florida-based punk rockers Irish Car Bomb, who they had met two years earlier at a gig they played together near Miami, FL. Impressed by these experiences, Incontrol begin to redefine their sound.
In the summer of 2007, the new bass player David Senf brings a couple of distortion pedals to the audition and is hardly allowed to turn them off during the upcoming recordings. Because the direction is clear: more aggressiveness is the goal.

2008 starts with a new album that's got something to offer. “On High In Blue Tomorrows” rocks in a darker and more aggressive way than its precursor and adds a new facet to the EmoRockWave Wall of Sound that is Incontrol. Melodies meet walls of guitars, soft delay sounds hit on hard drums, intricate arrangements get together with straight rock, airy meets earthy.
Not just because of this, the new record sounds quite a bit more noisy, with walls of guitars thicker, darker and heavier than before.
If you already like Incontrol, you'll be blown away!
If you don't know them yet, listen to: Kill Switch, Anna, Fucked Up..

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