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Aerobatics - Fidelity EP out May 14 2010

Aerobatics - Fidelity
EP release:
May 14, 2010

Aerobatics Press Foto March 2010

Jonas Künne - vocals, guitar
Jan Koray - guitar, vocals
Tom Forensico -guitar, vocals
Davis Senf - bass
Sven Kosakowski- drums



The fivepiece band from Dortmund, Germany, leaves no doubt that
song-oriented arrangements and thought-provoking harmonies don’t have
to be opposites. Expressive and meaningful, in preference to
calculated compatibility, wistful and melancholy instead of yawningly
contented, embracing change and not stagnation.

Atmospherically rich, the band’s interplay breathes through its
natural sound. Three guitars seem to evoke keyboard pads, while the
bass and drums drive the songs and vocals sing out on what moves them
– anger, fear, and pain, but also redemption, acceptance and a new
beginning. The texts are however far from being prepubescent poetry.
The band uses music as an opportunity, a means to let off
autobiographical steam without falling back on clichés.

Aerobatics are an exciting and inspiring indie rock package, that work
especially well on stage and that's certainly at the top of its genre.

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