Nic Koray

Tortuga Bar



Having met on Myspace in January 2008 a direct, intensive and creative collaboration has begun between Jan Vogedes, guitarist and sound designer from Dortmund and singer/songwriter Nic Koray from Mülheim. Immediately new songs were created...
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"Every single moment, every tiny bit of life is part of a journey--like it or not--this is, what fascinates me so much. Wherever you go, wherever you hide you ARE part of THE journey, moving forward through space and time, through the countryside, along the edges of your mind..."
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A big welcome to our newest family members - rubyrough will release their debut album "Realtime" on Viersieben on March 4, 2011.
Stephanie from Boston and Horst from Nuremberg are the protagonists of this awesome duo, combining Electronic sounds with...
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Sisterkingkong: Embrace of kindness
The air is thin, the sky of infinite vastness - perfect conditions for Sisterkingkong.
Their songs float delightfully unrestrained on a parabolic voyage between cloud nine and the horizon, rendering gravity meaningless...
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Soup has, since January 2005, been a solo project by Trondheim based Erlend Aastad Viken. He had since aged nineteen played in the bands Ptarmigan, Melatonin and Psalm before he established his very own musical expression in soup, which by...
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Stuntcat are the two indierock artists Linda and Bjoern Hering. Both of them live and work in Dortmund, but as often as possible they commute between New York, Los Angeles and Formentera, in order to refine their personal artistic field which is influenced by independent music ...
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Tortuga Bar is the latest project by OWL-scene legend Mark Kowarsch (Speed Niggs, Sharon Stoned, Elektrosushi...) and Alexandra Gschossmann. It took three years and a bunch of top-class guest musicians to produce his debut "Narcotic Junkfood Revolution" ...
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In spring 2003, four alternative rockers from Dortmund, Germany join to stir up the Ruhr Area music scene. During months of work, the band develops its own style far from conventions that often limit other bands' horizons...
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The fivepiece band from Dortmund, Germany, leaves no doubt that
song-oriented arrangements and thought-provoking harmonies don’t have to be opposites. Expressive and meaningful, in preference to
 calculated compatibility, wistful and melancholy instead of...
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