Aerobatics - Fidelity
EP - CD / online
May 14 2010

Nic Koray & Band - Traveller Album - CD / online
out now

Do you want to be part of a huge record company? Or do you want to be in stock with a bunch of bands and musicians who - more or less - sell big but don’t express anything meaningful at all? Do you want to give your soul to someone who only works for his own benefit, without thinking who you really are and what’s the intention of the music you create? Do you want to waste your creativity on songs which will be polished by others until the last dumb-ass on earth is willing to buy it? If so, you are wrong on this label profile.

VierSieben Records is a small label with strong partners in distribution. Our target is to sell excellent music. The artists we sign know exactly how to speak through music, know how to create this certain feeling that persists in your ears and keeps you begging for more. Make sure to keep that in mind before you think about sending your demo to us. We are able to offer a worldwide online download distribution.
Our physical distributors AL!VE and Plastichead serve the markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Scandinavia, Greece, UK and Japan.
Worldwide online distribution: FINETUNES